5meters parking lot solar road light with battery

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FALCON Series All-In-Two solar street light adopts the latest Semi-Integrated Design concept, with lithium battery and solar controller integrated inside the light housing, and solar panel mounted externally.

This series is a very excellent model for high power 5meters parking lot solar road light with battery solution.

Features_Falcon All-in-two Solar Light_1

Semi-integrated Design_a Desirable Solution

Compared with All-in-One design

Independent solar panel design makes high-power panels possible, and 15% higher charging efficiency can be realized by adjusting direction of solar panel. Therefore, high-power 5meters parking lot solar road light with battery are able to operate at high brightness all night.

Features_Falcon All-in-two Solar Light_2

Compared with split design

Features_Falcon All-in-two Solar Light_3



Lamp Power 20-60W
Luminous Efficiency > 170lm/w
LiFePO4 Lithium Battery Capacity Maximum 50AH/12.8V (640WH)
Solar Controller Capacity 10A /15A /20A (Customizable)
Solar Panel Capacity 30W – 360W (Customizable)
Pole Height  3 – 8 meters  (Customizable)
System Life Span >10 years
Protection Levels IP66 / IK09
Warranty 3 – 5 years
Optional Functions motion sensor / IoT smart control system
Specific ations_Falcon All-in-two Solar Light_1
Specific ations_Falcon All-in-two Solar Light_2

Optional Parts

Optional Parts_Falcon All-in-two Solar Light_1
Optional Parts_Falcon All-in-two Solar Light_2
Optional Parts_Falcon All-in-two Solar Light_3
Optional Parts_Falcon All-in-two Solar Light_4


Plug & play Solution makes installation much easier

Installation_Falcon All-in-two Solar Light


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