6m driveway integrated All-in-One Solar Street Lights

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POLARIS Series integrates solar panel, lithium battery, solar controller and LED modules as one unit. It is normally applied to 6m driveway integrated All-In-One Solar Street Lights.

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Extreme Bright LEDs

Customized Phillips LEDs and high transparent make the lamp achieve an unmatched 210LM/W efficiency.

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70% better illumination uniformity

Features_Polaris All-in-one Solar Light_3

Work at All Climates

With LiFePO4 battery's high-temperature resistance, controller's temperature compensated function and BMS' temperature protection system, ALIEN series is able to operate under extreme climate conditions.

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Model No. INL-AIO2
Lamp Lumen & Power 3625lm 4350lm 7400lm 8900lm 10500lm 12040lm
(30W) (40W) (60W) (80W) (100W) (120W)
Solar Panel Capacity 40W 50W 70W 90W 100W 120W
LiFePO4 Lithium Battery 230WH 256WH 384WH 512WH 640WH 768WH
Product Dimension

Mounting Height 3-6 4-7 5-8 6-9 7-10 8-12
Meters Meters Meters Meters Meters Meters
System Life Span > 10 years
Optional Functions motion sensor/CCTV Camera
All above parameters can be customized.
Smart Lighting Mode
Falcon Series offers various lighting working modes with different programs available.
Working Time up to 14 hours per night
Autonomy Days Backup up to 7 days depending on lighting mode
Specifications_Allien-s All-in-one Solar Light

Optional parts

Optional Parts_Polaris All-in-two Solar Light_1
Optional Parts_Jaguar All-in-two Solar Light_2
Optional Parts_Polaris All-in-two Solar Light_2
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Plug & Play Solution replaces switches, which makes installation much easier and is more durable than switches.

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