Prices of Raw Materials Rising at Fast Pace
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Prices of Raw Materials Rising at Fast Pace

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All over the world, prices for raw materials, energy, operating and transport costs are surging. Commodity prices have increased from +30-40% to +300-400% for most commodities and specialty chemicals. The price of steel, which directly impacts our production costs, has more than tripled in less than a year. The prices of other materials such as lithium and aluminum are also spiralling. Consequently in our production costs will inevitably lead to a new review of the prices of our products and the delivery cycle might be extended.


InluxSolar teams are trying best to minimize the impact on the availability of products. Our priority is to secure the supplies in case of disruption for customers. Based on years of close cooperation with various raw material suppliers, we signed preferential supply agreements with various major raw material suppliers and tried to reduce the price increase of Solar Street Lighting products. We will continue to provide our customers with cost-effective Solar Street Lighting products and guarantee a 15-day delivery time for regular orders.