Solar Lighting Solution for Outdoor Warehouse
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Solar Lighting Solution for Outdoor Warehouse

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solar street light project for outdoor warehouse

Due to lack of utility power supply, the outdoor warehouse was not equipped with any lights, which increased the possibility of wrong delivery and damage of goods at night.

8meters 50W solar street light-INLUX SOLAR

To facilitate unloading at night, we made a solar street light solution, as each solar street light is an individual power system and can be installed easily without connection to the utility power supply.

all in two solar light with LiFePO4 battery-INLUX SOLAR

Since the customer is highly demanding on the brightness and uniformity, our technical team conducted illumination simulation according to the warehouse layout to finally work out a complete solution.

solar area light for outdoor warehouse-INLUX SOLAR

The warehouse has been lit up by over 10 sets of JAGUAR series All-In-Two Solar Street Lights with actual illuminance up to 75.2LUX.

solar powered light project lux reading-inlux solar

The customer is pretty satisfied with our proposals and projects, and is planning to promote our solutions to other warehouses.

solar street light project-INLUX SOLAR-Thailand