China’s Transportation Regulations of Dangerous Goods Strengthened

Nowadays, Chinese factories supplies large amounts of outbound battery packs. It is necessary to enhance the proper packaging for safe transportation. This packing standard is applicable to international UN package. In 2021, Chinese goverment has strengthened the transportation regulations and issues our own packaging standards of hazardous goods on the basis of UN package.

This inspection certificate for packing functions of outbound goods is required for all dangerous goods exported from China. It must pass several tests to ensure that the packaging material is strong enough to withstand the shocks, loading and atmospheric pressure changes typically encountered during transportation.

However, more than 90% battery manufacturers in China transport the lithium batteries without this inspection certificate or in a substandard way, which could cause potential risks to transportation safety as well as customers’ benefits.

Inlux Solar Lighting, as the world’s leading manufacturer of solar street lights, we strictly comply with the regulations. We ship each lithium battery pack by packing with the inspection certificate for packing functions of outbound goods to make sure the goods can be safely delivered to customers in perfect condition.

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