How do solar LED streetlights differ from their grid-tied counterparts?

Solar-powered streetlights are entirely self-contained, making them ideal for isolated locations, without all the costs of cabling and grid connection. Also called photovoltaic or PV streetlights, they’re quick and easy to install, without earthwork or trenches needed, so the range of possible applications is virtually limitless.
The key difference between these two kinds of public lighting is their power source. Solar-powered street lights use renewable energy. And because solar energy is free and will never run out, photovoltaic streetlights are an ecologically friendly, cost-efficient and completely autonomous solution. They’re a perfect fit with the energy transition led by the French government. Solar lighting also offers better availability, since it’s not affected by power outages.
To conclude, the key benefits of solar lighting are as follows:
- no major works needed — no civil engineering, trenches, grid connection or electrical cabinets
- no more electricity bills
- 100% green energy
- smaller carbon footprint
- no maintenance for the first 10 years

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