Outdoor space such as warehouse, construction operation area, square, etc., needs to be illuminated with high brightness for a large area or a certain point. Solar street lamps are required to have high brightness and cover a large area.


Recommended Configurations

Pole Height

LED Lamp Power

Lights Arrangement

2 Meters


Type A

3 Meters


Type A

4 Meters


Type A

5 Meters


Type A

6 Meters

20W – 40W

Type A

7 Meters

30W – 50W

Type A

8 Meters

50W – 80W

Type A

Lights Arrangement Types


Working Mode Options

Mode 1 : Work at full brightness all night.

working mode options

Mode 2 : Work at full bightness before midnight, work in dimming mode after midnight.

working mode options2

Mode 3 : Add a MOTION SENSOR, the light is 100% on when there is a car passing by, work in dimming Mode when there is no car passing by.

working mode options3

From the perspective of cost, Model 1 > Model 2 > Model 3

Recommended Lighting Distributions

recommended lighting distributions

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