Master Core Technology of Solar Street Lights

Beyond producing better products, INLUX SOLAR has been dedicating to R&D of cutting edge solar street light technology. Ever since the foundation of the company, we have achieved 102 patents, taken part in over 10 national project researches, and lead or participate in the compiling of multiple national/industrial/group standards. As a frontrunner in this industry, we will be focusing on developing a more intelligent and intrgrated solar street light system with longer service life, better performance and lower price, so as to push a more widely global application.
IOT Remote Control system​​​​​​​
Efficient Solar Panel​​​​​​​
Controller Technology​​​​​​​
Lithium Battery System​​​​​​​
Brighter Lighting Solutions​​​​​​​
Motion Sensor


INLUX SOLAR specializes in developing and manufacturing solar and LED lighting products.
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