banner-Solar Lights Retrofitted From AC-Pad
banner-Solar Lights Retrofitted From AC-Iphone
In order to save energy and protect the environment, many people choose to replace their existing AC street lights which are in the end of their life with solar street Lights.
We will keep the existing light pole then replace the existing light fixture with solar lights and retrofit the solar panel mounting brackets to install the solar panel. The main replacement scheme is to adopt the solar street lamp scheme and solar AC hybrid solution.
Road Width LED Lamp Power Pole Height Lights Arrangement
7 Meters 20W – 40W 6 Meters Type A
8 Meters 30W – 50W 7 Meters Type A
10 Meters 50W – 80W 8 Meters Type A
12 Meters 60W – 100W 9 Meters Type A
14 Meters 80W – 120W 10 Meters Type A
50W – 80W 8 Meters Type B / Type C
16 Meters 100W – 150W 12 Meters Type A
80W – 120W 10 Meters Type B / Type C
Single row Arrangement