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For security and preventing theft, lighting fixtures should be installed at the entrances, walls and corridors of residential areas, warehouses and factories, because solar street lamps are a standalone system that does not need to be connected to the municipal power grid, it is particularly convenient to install. Therefore, more and more people are using solar lighting solutions in such application scenarios. Solar security lights require a large coverage of light source, and many customers also choose to install motion sensors in order to save energy and reduce costs. Unlike street lamps, solar lamps are often mounted on walls or fences instead of poles.
Lamp Installation Height LED Lamp Power
3 Meters 10W – 30W
6 Meters 20W – 50W
8 Meters 50W – 80W
10Meters 80W – 120W
Mode 1 : Work at full brightness all night.
Mode 2 : Work at full bightness before midnight, work in dimming mode after midnight.