JAGUAR(INL-AIT5) All-In-Two Solar Street Light: Lithium battery and controller are integrated inside the lamp fixture, and the solar panel is separated for higher charging efficiency. 40W-120W led output is ideal for highway and street lighting.

INLUX SOLAR specializes in Solar Street lighting products, such as All-In-Two Solar Street Light, Integrated Lithium Battery Solar LED Street Lights, All-in-one Solar Street Lights, Gel Battery Solar LED Street Lighting Systems and etc.

We are not only producing the solar lights but also making the dreams for many people. I share our United Nations Project video here to see how our lights have changed the local people’s lives.
Our Solar Street Lights have been installed in more than 85 countries, and we have helped thousands of customers with government and commercial projects through our great experience, technical expertise, excellent product performance, competitive prices, fast delivery, and excellent post-sale service system.

All the 1000sets full-set solar street lights have been loaded in 12 containers, and will be installed in United Nations projects.
As one of the largest solar street light vertical manufacturers in the world, INLUX SOLAR has specialized in developing and manufacturing solar street lights since 2009. We provide a comprehensive range of solar street lights, such as All-In-Two Solar Street Lights, All-In-One Solar Street Lights, Solar Pole Lights, and more.

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