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You can contact us when your solar light stops operating, no matter they are purchased from INLUX SOLAR or not. Our sales engineers will provide you with maintenance proposal as well as components for repair.
First of all, if it is any of the following factor that leads to the failure of your solar light, then you don’t have to replace any components, only a few simple actions will make your solar light back to normal.
1.Continuous rainy days
Failure: With low capacity of solar panel and battery, or under long-time and continuous rainy days, solar panel will not be able to fully charge the battery, which will lead to issues like insufficient lighting time, low brightness, or fail to light up and etc.
Solution: Under this circumstance, just wait for the rainy days to pass, then your solar light will get back to normal. Or replacing solar panel and battery with larger capacity, your solar light will be able to operate normally even during continuous rainy days.
※ Some unscrupulous manufacturers tend to use solar panel and battery with low capacity for the reason of cost reduction. Our sales engineers can help to check the system configuration for you.
2.Strong interfering light source nearby
Failure: At night, other strong light sources nearby would make the light sensor of your solar light mistakenly detect it as daytime, and thus fail to turn on the light.
Solution: relocate these light sources, or modify the installation position of your solar light, then your solar light will resume normal operation.