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The street is mainly for vehicles and personnel passage. The road width is generally 6-8 Meters. The cars there is not too fast. Before the midnight, there is large traffic flow and after the midnight , the traffic flow is small. Therefore, the application scene of the street requires that the brightness of the solar lamp should be relatively high, the scope of coverage be relatively large, and the uniformity of light be relatively good. In particular, we should ensure the lighting effect in the early night.
Road Width LED Lamp Power Pole Height Lights Arrangement
7 Meters 20W – 40W 6 Meters Type A
8 Meters 30W – 50W 7 Meters Type A
10 Meters 50W – 80W 8 Meters Type A
12 Meters 60W – 100W 9 Meters Type A
14 Meters 80W – 120W 10 Meters Type A
50W – 80W 8 Meters Type B / Type C
Single row Arrangement