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New Saudi City to Benefit from High-Quality Solar Street Lights News
May. 20, 2023
INLUX SOLAR recently delivered a 40-feet container of 100W all-in-one solar...
Mauritian Clients Visit Factory for Product Testing News
May. 16, 2023
On February 25th, we had the pleasure of hosting a customer from Mauritius at our factory. During their visit, they had the opportunity to tour our facilities and conduct a thorough inspection of thei...
Solar Power Brings Hope to African Community News
Apr. 02, 2023
INLUX SOLAR recently customized an order of solar power generation system for a client in Africa, with a focus on the benefits it will bring to the local community. This system will provide reliable a...
Deliver High-Quality Off-Grid Solar Lighting Kits to North African Military News
Mar. 10, 2023
INLUX SOLAR recently received an order from a North African military special forces unit for customized off-grid solar lighting kits. With a reputation for quality and reliability, we were able to win...
May You Have the Best Christmas Ever News
Dec. 24, 2022
It seems that Christmas time is here once again, and it is time again to bringin the New Year.We wish the merriest of Christmas to you and your lovedones, and we wish you happiness and prosperity in t...
500sets Solar Street Lights Delivery to Ethiopia News
Nov. 14, 2022
Today we have successfully delivery 500sets of solar street lights to Ethiopia.These solar lights are for a local tender in Ethiopia. Our experienced sales engineer helped the customer with choosing t...
One 40hq Container of Armour-S Vertical Solar Street Lights Delivery to Oman News
Nov. 05, 2022
Today we have successfully delivery one 40 HQ container of Armour-S vertical solar street lights to Oman.These solar lights are for an industrial plant project. The customer has very high requirements...
Delivery of Another 1400sets Solar Street Lights News
Oct. 28, 2022
With previous experience of delivering 2800units of solar street light, we prepared booking for remaining 1400units in advance to save the time waiting for approval, and we only take half a month to g...
Professional SGS Inspection Before Portable Solar Power System Delivery News
Oct. 20, 2022
As well-known solar street light brand, Inlux Solar has always been providing services for our customers from different fields. We are not only the UN trustworthy brand, but also the first choice of ...
Under Worldwide Turmil Inlux Solar is Still Committed to Providing Premium Products News
Oct. 19, 2022
Inlux Solar, as UN trustworthy brand, collaborated with UNDP many times, aiming at rebuilding homes for some war-torn countries and improving the life quality for backward areas. People who are concer...
High-Quality Products Help the Client Win News
Oct. 18, 2022
One of our South Asian clients took our solar street light sample to participate in a bidding project of the local government, and sent our solar street light sample to a third-party laboratory for tw...
Strictly Complying to Regulations: Inlux Solar Applied Dangerous Goods Declaration for Products News
Oct. 11, 2022
Inlux Solar masters reliable&durable lithium battery system. Some of our products we delivered contain lithium battery units that belong to dangerous goods. In such scenario, to ensure the shipmen...
Happy 73rd National Day News
Oct. 01, 2022
It's another golden autumn month. We welcome the national day with joy. There is no gorgeous rhetoric, but we have sincere thinking. Send a simple greeting. I wish you a happy National Day and everyth...
Success Stories Iii: Un Trustworthy Brand Inlux Solar & Tawworgha Ssl Project News
Jul. 28, 2022
After the Battle of Tripoli in 2011, a town in Lybia called Taworgha whose population is only 10,000 was occupied by the Opposition Party and people there suffered from sabotage and almost everyone fl...
INLUXSOLAR's Annual Badminton Match News
Jul. 23, 2022
On July 23,2022, INLUXSOLAR started the badminton finals.This is a great and happy party. After Qualifiers, 14 members got into the finals. The finals were in the form of doubles, and 14 members were ...
In-House Training News
Jul. 23, 2022
At the regular INLUX SOLAR in-house training this week, the leaders of the company's customer service and sales departments have learned effective communication skills. As the scale of the company...
Inluxsolar 2800 Units of Solar Street Light for a Un Project in Middle East News
Jul. 23, 2022
Because of the extreme high temperatures in summer, Our 2800units of solar street light for a UN project in middle east was delayed, all barge lines in Yangzhou port refused to accept DG shipment, we ...
Limit Challenge II: Solar Street Lights Were Loaded into 6 High Containers Within 2 Days News
Jun. 30, 2022
On February 25th, we had the pleasure of hosting a customer from Mauritius at our factory. During their visit, they had the opportunity to tour our facilities and conduct a thorough inspection of thei...
Success Stories II: UN Trustworthy brand Inlux Solar & People in Urabi News
Jun. 22, 2022
By virtue of great reputation, Inlux Solar is always a solar street light brand which is trusted by the United Nations. In the past few years, we have collaborated with UN uncountable times to provide...
Limit Challenge: Solar Street Lights Were Loaded Into Four 40-Foot High Containers Within 8 Hours News
Jun. 08, 2022
The United Nations placed an order of 750 sets of solar street lights this January and the products need to be urgently shipped and installed. However, due to COVID-19, most ports in China are severel...
Success Story: A Collaboration Between INLUX SOLAR and SFL News
May. 06, 2022
INLUX SOLAR has always been strictly producing and exporting each product to provide the optimal services and products for our customers in the past years.Our efforts and dedications were witnessed by...
Happy Eid Mubarak To You! News
May. 02, 2022
Eid al-Fitr is on the way.Inlux Solar may the day delight and the moments measure all the special joys for all of you to treasure.May the year ahead be fruitful too, for your home and family and espec...
Happy International Workers' Day News
May. 01, 2022
International Workers' Day is on the way! INLUX SOLAR staff will have five days off from April 28th to May 2rd, but our products will never be late and all the sales and engineers are still availa...
April's First Container of Solar Street Lighting Had Been Loaded News
Apr. 03, 2022
Recently, COVID-19 had bounced back inside the Chinese mainland. To fight against the epidemic, many provinces and cities blocked the city and road. Shanghai, as one of the most important shipping por...
INLUX SOLAR Overcame the Difficulties Brought by COVID-19 and Successfully Loaded Products into Container on Time News
Mar. 31, 2022
COVID-19 had been getting worse since the end of March, 2022. On the early morning of March 28, the closed management was implemented in Pudong Area of Shanghai that all the people had to stay at home...
Happy Chinese New Year News
Jan. 26, 2022
Here comes the Chinese new year. INLUXSOLAR wish you the best of luck, health, and happy family! In 2022, we will keep providing the best solar lighting products and services for you, and achieve a wi...
Spring Festival Holiday News
Jan. 25, 2022
The Spring Festival is coming. INLUX SOLAR hereby wish you a Happy Chinese New Year, and hope everything would go fine in the coming year.The Spring Festival Holiday is from Jan. 26th to Feb. 9th. Dur...
Project in Lebanon Complete News
Jan. 04, 2022
Recently our project in Lebanon came to a successful completion. The customers are very satisfied with the lighting performance of our products.
Merry Christmas News
Dec. 24, 2021
It seems that Christmas time is here once again, and it is time again to bring in the New Year. Hereby INLUX team wish the merriest of Christmas to you and your loved ones, and wish you happiness and ...
500 Sets Solarstreet Lights for Africa News
Dec. 04, 2021
Recently, we, InluxSolar have just finished the order of 500 sets solarstreet lights for Africa. These solar street lights will be installed on the expressways in Africa for lighting.
Nov. 03, 2021
AIT 7, newly released by our company, is a model of solar street light designed for usage scenarios where medium and small LED lamp power are required.It adopts the latest Semi-Integrated Design conce...
China's Transportation Regulations of Dangerous Goods Strengthened News
Oct. 21, 2021
Nowadays, Chinese factories supply large amounts of outbound battery packs. It is necessary to enhance the proper packaging for safe transportation. This packing standard is applicable to internationa...
Certificate for Packing Functions of Outbound Goods News
Oct. 21, 2021
In 2021, Chinese goverment has strengthened the transportation regulations and issues on our own packaging standards of hazardous goods on the basis of UN package.We, Inlux Solar Lighting, ship each l...
Prices of Raw Materials Rising at Fast Pace News
Oct. 10, 2021
All over the world, prices for raw materials, energy, operating and transport costs are surging. Commodity prices have increased from +30-40% to +300-400% for most commodities and specialty chemicals....
First Foreign Customer Visiting Our Factory After Covid-19 News
Apr. 22, 2021
As the COVID-19 is getting under control, business trip to China has been possible for foreign friends and customers. We are really excited to have a foreign customer visiting our factory today.While ...
Good-Luck of Beginning News
Feb. 06, 2021
2020 was an extraordinary year, be that as it may, INLUX has bidden farewell to the old and ushered in the new.We have gotten back to work after a pleasing Chinese New Year holiday. While to ensure su...
Benchmarking Project for Highway News
Nov. 18, 2020
Compared to electrical lighting, solar street light is superior in many ways, which has been widely applied to pathways, streets. However, places requiring high power illumination, like highway and et...
Solar Lighting Solution for Outdoor Warehouse News
Sep. 30, 2020
Due to lack of utility power supply, the outdoor warehouse was not equipped with any lights, which increased the possibility of wrong delivery and damage of goods at night.To facilitate unloading at n...
Technical Education for Sales Team News
Sep. 28, 2020
Our sales team take the technical education lessons very often, each of our sales has very strong product technology background, so that we can give the customers technical support any time.
Ongoing UNHCR Project News
Sep. 27, 2020
UNHCR has begun to install the first batch of 1000 sets solar street lights delivered in May, which is to be finished in September.Those already installed are working normally, brightness and working...
Rural Highway Project Complete News
Sep. 24, 2020
Located in south Malaysia, this project has been postponed to 2020 due to the impacts of COVID-19 outbreak. After nearly 2 months, nearly 200 sets of solar street lights have been installed and put in...
Falcon Series Makes Better Illumination Available News
Sep. 22, 2020
It is a project in a remote village in South Asia, clients have tested FALCON (INL-AIT6) All-In-Two solar street light recently. With lamp mounted on a 6m pole, the merely 10W lamp is able to light up...
84 Sets Solar Street Lights Shipped to Qatar News
Sep. 15, 2020
Today we shipped 84 sets solar street lights to Qatar, these solar street lights will be installed in the residential zones in Qatar.
Light up Before Eid Al-Adha News
Aug. 10, 2020
At a seaside resort, workers plan to finish installation before July 31st, the Eid al-Adha.The fastest delivery time is always on the list of INLUX SOLAR's customer service items. Therefore, we ha...
Smart Solar Street Light News
Jul. 29, 2020
Based on NB-LOT/2G/4G technology, I-CLOUD Wireless Intelligent Remote Control System enables real-time monitor of each solar street light, record of historical data, change of working parameters on PC...
128 Sets of Solar Street Lights Shipped to Lebanon News
Jul. 20, 2020
128 sets of solar street lights have been shipped to Lebanon today. These solar street lights will be installed on the main street in Lebanon.INLUX SOLAR has become a famous solar street light brand i...
14 Containers of Solar Street Lights for Undp News
Jul. 09, 2020
After 20 days of production at full capacity, another 14 containers of solar street lights were loaded this week for UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) projects. These high-quality solar str...
362 Sets of Solar Street Lights Shipped to Sudan News
Jun. 20, 2020
362 sets of solar street lights have been shipped to Sudan today.These solar street lights are for the UNHCR project in Sudan and will be installed in a rural area of Sudan with no electricity.INLUX S...
New Solar Street Light Model Undergoing Tests News
Jun. 10, 2020
The design of the new EAGLE All-In-Two solar street light model has been finished this week. Now the samples are in our lab under strict tests for application in extreme environments.All the tests wil...
SGS Inspection on Solar Home Lighting Systems News
Jun. 04, 2020
Recently, INLUX SOLAR successfully won a purchase order of Solar Home Lighting Systems from a North African country's military. These products are specially designed according to the military'...
Inlux Solar in the Solar Show Philippines News
May. 26, 2020
As one of the most important economies in Asia, the Philippines has been developing rapidly in recent years. INLUX SOLAR has been focusing on the solar energy market in the Philippines, cooperating wi...
UNHCR Order News
Apr. 22, 2020
According to the new government regulations amid the pandemic, the number of workers in each group has be halved to reduce the risk of infection. However, in order to deliver the 1000 sets of solar st...
Production Resumed News
Mar. 25, 2020
The pandemic in China has become stable from late March, coinciding a rapid reduction in confirmed cases. Our factory has come back into operation since March 22nd, and delivery of the orders before t...
103 Pieces Solar Lights to Cameroon News
Dec. 11, 2019
With the coming of the first snow in Jiangsu area, the temperature is very low. Our workers braved the cold weather to load the container on last Saturday. Over 100 sets of solar street light were rea...
Our Nigeria Project wins World Bank's Prize News
Aug. 19, 2019
The project which we supplied solar street lights in Nigeria has won the World Bank's Sustainable Cities' Prize. We supplied over 1000 sets of solar street lights for this project in 2017, and...
Sgs Pre-Shipment Inspection News
Aug. 09, 2019
Our Kenya customer bought one container of solar street lights from us. Before shipped out, our solar street lights have to be inspected by the SGS personnel. Today, the SGS personnel have inspected 1...
New All-in-two Solar Street light tested in Mexico News
Jul. 09, 2019
Our old Mexican customer bought our latest All-in-two solar street light sample, installed on his filed and did the test. The test was a big success, he is very satisfied with the high brightness, the...
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JAGAUR All-In-Two Solar Street Light BLOG
Jun. 20, 2023
JAGUAR series, designed for pathway and main street, is All-In-Two Solar Street Light with medium-Big LED output and unique "Jumping Jaguar" appearance. It is an integration of first-class l...
FALCON All-In-Two Solar Street Light BLOG
Jun. 20, 2023
FALCON series, designed for pathway and main street, is All-In-Two Solar Street Light with small-medium LED output and unique "Flying Falcon" appearance. It is an integration of first-cla...
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