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INLUXSOLAR's Product Design team comprises seasoned electrical engineers, structural engineers, and industrial designers. INLUXSOLAR holds proprietary intellectual property rights for all products sold, and we consistently introduce four or more entirely new product series each year, alongside continuous improvements and enhancements to our existing product lines.

We boast a comprehensive product range in outdoor lighting and solar energy storage systems, providing customers with holistic product solutions to meet the diverse needs of various application scenarios. Additionally, we offer customized design services, leveraging cutting-edge 3D printing technology to rapidly prototype and confim samples, offering our customers the most comprehensive product design support available.

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Chief Product Designer
Chief Product Designer
We listen to the market's needs and design the most dependable products for our customers, offering them the best technical solutions tailored to their specific application scenarios.

If you have any projects with customized product design requirements, please contact us.

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