IoT Remote Control System

iot remote control system

iot remote control system

Based on Zigbee/Lora/2G/4G technology, I-CLOUD Wireless Intelligent Remote Control System enables real-time monitor of each solar street light, record of historical data, change of working parameters on PC, PAD and MOBILE, which facilitates later maintenance tremendously.

Traditional wireless remote control system combines the signal of a group of solar street lights in one communication module, then accesses to Internet. Unsmooth data transmission due to blockade between solar street light and communicaton module or long distance will lead to failure of remote control system.
While in the newly developed I-CLOUD Wireless Intelligent Remote Control System, installation environment has only marginal impact on data transmission, as there is an Internet accessing module for each solar street light. By far it is a generally recognized best wireless remote control solution in the industry.


iot remote control system funcations

Software Platform

Home page
Multi-lingual homepage, available on PC, pad and mobile

iot remote control system software platform

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