Split Solar Street Light

Split Solar Street Light is a type of solar street light based on the split design concept. The main components, such as solar panel, LED lamp, lighting pole, battery & controller, are placed separately. The split-designed structure makes high-power solar panels and lithium batteries possible. Therefore, large-power LED lamps can operate at high brightness all night. At the same time, Split Solar Street Lights have a more comprehensive selection of components and can be equipped with various types of lamp housings. Not only lithium batteries but also gel batteries can be used as energy storage Battery. Although the installation is more complex than the all-in-one and all-in-two solar street lights, it is more convenient to replace parts later. Generally speaking, Split Solar Street Lights are mainly used in application scenarios that meet the needs of ultra-high-power solar lighting.

Apollo All-In-Three Solar Light (60W-200W)

Apollo All-In-Three Solar Light (60W-200W)

APOLLO Series All-In-Three solar street light adopts Split Design concept, with the lithium battery hanging under the solar panels or on the pole. The split designed structure makes high-power solar p...
Gel Battery Solar Street Light (30W-200W)

Gel Battery Solar Street Light (30W-200W)

Gel battery solar street light is a type of Split Solar Street Light that uses gel batteries as energy storage batteries. It is also a solar street light that can work in ultra-high and low-temperatur...
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