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ALIEN S All-In-One Solar Street Light (50W-80W-100W)

ALIEN-S Series integrates solar panel, lithium battery, solar controller and LED modules as one unit.

Smart Lighting Mode
Interior Structure


ALIEN S All-In-One Solar Street Light (50W-80W-100W)


Lamp Lumen & Power



















LED Lighting Source

1pc 5050 LED Module

( 36pcs Ultra bright 5050 LEDs)

2pcs 5050 LED Modules

(72pcs Ultra bright 5050 LEDs)

3pcs LED Modules

(108pcs Ultra bright 5050 LEDs)

Mono Solar Panel  Capacity


LiFePO4 Lithium Battery



Solar Controller


Smart Lighting Mode
12-14 hours lighting per night (customizable)
Rainy Days Backup>3 days
Product Dimension1060*480*190mm1170*480*190mm1370*480*190mm1470*480*190mm1630*480*190mm1570*480*190mm1660*416*105mm2100*480*190mm2040*480*190mm
Protection LevelsIP66 / IK08
Working Temperature-20 - 65℃

Suggested Pole

Mounting Height

5 - 6 Meters

7 - 8 Meters

8 - 9 Meters

9-12 Meters

System Life Span> 10 years
Warranty3-5 years
Motion SensorOptional
IoT Smart Control SystemOptional
CCTV CameraOptional

Smart Lighting Mode

Smart Lighting Mode of ALIEN S All-In-One Solar Street Light (50W-80W-100W)

Interior Structure

Interior Structure of ALIEN S All-In-One Solar Street Light (50W-80W-100W)


Compared with traditional design, it’s not difficult to find that ALIEN series has redefined all in one solar street light with multiple brand new functions 

Adjustable lighting source and solar panel

0-180° horizontally and -45°-+45° vertically adjustable lighting sourcetogether with 360° horizontally adjustable solar panel ensure optimal angle between solar panel and sunrays, thus the highest charging efficiency and best illumination effects.

Notes: how to achieve optimal angle between solar panel and lighting source

Advantages of ALIEN S All-In-One Solar Street Light (50W-80W-100W)

Optional double-sided solar panel

Double-sided solar panel, whose charging efficiency is up to 15% higher than conventional ones, is optional to ALIEN series.

Advantages of ALIEN S All-In-One Solar Street Light (50W-80W-100W)

Breathing’ lithium battery

In high-temperature regions, heat generated by working lithium battery and solar radiation makes interior temperature much higher than that of the ambient. Continuous working in excessive high temperature takes a huge toll on the service life of lithium and internal electronic parts. We have solved this issue by fixing a one-way vent valve on lithium battery housing, by which accelerates internal heat dissipation as well as prevents rains and dusts from entering.

Advantages of ALIEN S All-In-One Solar Street Light (50W-80W-100W)

No Back Plate Design

Better heat dissipation performance

With back plate, heat accumulated under conventional solar panel is hard to dissipated, which will lead to high operation ambient temperature, thus significantly reduce the service life of electronic components. 

Insects and dusts prevention

In desert or tropic areas, dusts and insects will find the thermal dissipation hole a very easy access into the lamp housing, whose accumulation will then impede the heat dissipation of whole system.

Advantages of ALIEN S All-In-One Solar Street Light (50W-80W-100W)

Individualized customization and easy maintenance

The brand-new module design adopted by ALIEN series ensures convenient maintenance, as each component is designed to be detachable. Besides, adjustable mounting chute satisfies clients with different requirements on lighting source mounting position.

Advantages of ALIEN S All-In-One Solar Street Light (50W-80W-100W)

Operable under rainy and high-temperature environment

IP66 for the whole system, which makes it adaptable for rainy areas. High temperature resistant LifePO4battery with low current design significantly reduces

internal heat when the system is working. Among other things, smart temperature adjustment function of solar controller enables the system to operate normally

under temperature as high as 65°C.

Advantages of ALIEN S All-In-One Solar Street Light (50W-80W-100W)


Installation of ALIEN S All-In-One Solar Street Light (50W-80W-100W)


Our experienced professional sales engineers wil assist you with solar street light price quotations and technical proposals according to your specific project requirements.

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