Success Stories III: United Nations Trustworthy Brand Inlux Solar & Tawworgha SSL Project

Success Stories III: United Nations Trustworthy Brand Inlux Solar & Tawworgha SSL Project

Jul-28 2022

After the Battle of Tripoli in 2011, a town in Lybia called Taworgha whose population is only 10,000 was occupied by the Opposition Party and people there suffered from sabotage and almost everyone fleed from the town. However, since the end of the battle in June 2020, local families have returned one after another. But what they were facing were poor living quality and infrastructure. To help the local people back to normal life, UNDP decided to start from municipal construction, and their first step is to light up Taworgha in darkness.

To solve the lighting issues there, UNDP set up SSL Project that they installed about 150 sets of solar street lights alongside the streets in Taworgha, all of which were from UN trustworthy brand——Inlux Solar. In the past few years, Inlux Solar was always committed to producing premium products with carefulness, so our efforts were witnessed by UN that they collaborated with us for many times.

To revive Taworgha's economy, the first step is to install the solar street lights. Only if the whole city is lit up can the city be back on track. People in Taworgha were excited to welcome Inlux Solar's solar street lights because with our products, it ensures security and empowers the stores back to normal. This is not only the first step to revive Taworgha, but also another symbol of world peace.

INLUX SOLAR is always committed to providing you with the premium products and one-stop service to ensure that your project make a success and is worthy of your trust!


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