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Gel Battery Solar Street Light (30W-200W)

Gel battery solar street light is a type of Split Solar Street Light that uses gel batteries as energy storage batteries. It is also a solar street light that can work in ultra-high and low-temperature areas. Although the lifespan of a gel battery is only half that of a lithium battery, it is more resistant to high and low temperatures than lithium batteries. The solar street light system can work in extremely high or low temperatures if the gel battery is placed in a waterproof box and buried underground. 

Main Components
Fixture Options
Optional Parts


Gel Battery Solar Street Lights have two primary installation locations for gel batteries: Buried-Underground Type and External-Hanging Type.

Buried-Underground Type: Place the gel battery in a waterproof IP65-IP67 plastic battery box and bury it underground. The gel battery can work in a relatively stable temperature range, which can ensure the performance of the gel battery to the greatest extent and maximize the efficiency of the gel battery. Extend the life of gel batteries.

External-Hanging Type: Place the gel battery into a waterproof IP65 iron battery box and hang it externally on the light pole. The iron battery box has an anti-theft lock and will be a certain height from the ground. This design can prevent the gel battery from being stolen.

Generally speaking, it is recommended that gel batteries be installed underground in areas with harsh climates and externally hung installed in areas with poor security.

Gel Battery 30W-200W Solar Street Light Feature

Main Components

Gel Battery 30W-200W Solar Street Light Main Components

Fixture Options

We provide different lamp fixture options.

Fixture Options of Gel Battery 30W-200W Solar Street Light


Lamp Power


Luminous Efficiency


LiFePO4 Lithium Battery Capacity


Solar Controller Capacity

10A /15A /20A (Customizable)

Solar Panel Capacity

60W – 720W (Customizable)

Pole Height

3 – 15 meters  (Customizable)

System Life Span

>10 years

Protection Levels

IP66 / IK09


3 – 5 years

Optional Functions

motion sensor / IOT smart control system

Optional Parts

We provide different lamp fixture options.

Optional Parts of Gel Battery 30W-200W Solar Street Light


Plug & play Solution makes installation much easier.

Installation of Gel Battery 30W-200W Solar Street Light

Our experienced professional sales engineers wil assist you with solar street light price quotations and technical proposals according to your specific project requirements.

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