12v gel battery price

12V Gel Battery

They embody the principle of "storing good cores and using them for two more years," emphasizing both performance and longevity.

One standout feature of LCPC batteries is their use of corrosion-resistant alloys. These materials are carefully selected to withstand corrosive environmental conditions, ensuring the batteries' durability, especially in demanding environments such as marine or industrial settings.

LCPC batteries also feature a radial grid design that enhances both structural integrity and electrical performance. This design enables the batteries to endure physical stress while maintaining a consistent and dependable power supply, even in challenging conditions.

With a commitment to quality control and advanced manufacturing processes, LCPC batteries consistently meet or exceed industry standards. Their improved acid control capacity extends their cycle life, making them an excellent choice for applications involving frequent charge and discharge cycles, such as renewable energy systems or uninterruptible power supplies. LCPC energy storage gel batteries offer dependable and durable energy storage solutions.



The 12V Gel Battery is a compact, reliable energy storage solution. It operates at 12 volts and is maintenance-free. This battery is well-suited for various applications, including mobile setups like RVs and boats due to its shock and vibration resistance. It's also excellent for renewable energy systems and backup power, thanks to its deep-cycle performance. Plus, with gel electrolyte technology, it's safe, eco-friendly, and built to last. Trust the 12V Gel Battery for your power needs.

Gel Battery


TYPEVoltage(V)Ampere(Ah)Net Weight(Kg)Size(mm)

LCPC energy storage gel batteries are suitable for various working conditions.

With the product concept of "storing good cores and using them for two more years";

Adopting corrosion-resistant multiple alloy, radial grid, 4BS high-temperature and high humidity curing core technology, combined with advanced manufacturing processes, to ensure consistent product performance. 

Acid control capacity improves product cycle life.


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