Success Story: A Collaboration Between INLUX SOLAR and SFL

Success Story: A Collaboration Between INLUX SOLAR and SFL

May-06 2022

INLUX SOLAR has always been strictly producing and exporting each product to provide the optimal services and products for our customers in the past years.

Our efforts and dedications were witnessed by organizations of the United Nations, such as UNCHR, UNDP, and UNOP.

They decided to collaborate with INLUX SOLAR and made a big success. The following is a success story between INLUX SOLAR and Stabilization Facility for Libya (SFL).

Off Grid Dc Power System

Tawergha was destroyed in some reason in 2011. To ensure local people's security and improve their life quality, the local government introduced and installed solar street light according to the local electricity situation.

Among various solar street light brands, SFL eventually chose INLUX SOLAR after consideration and selection, and highly praised our GEL Battery Solar Street Light. INLUX SOLAR has provided over 2,500 sets of solar street lights for this project.

Off Grid Dc Systems

Why can our GEL Battery Solar Street Light stand out among various brands and be recognized by organizations of the United Nations?

First, we master the core technology of main components such as solar panel, battery, light pole, and LED lamp, which can ensure the quality of the whole system, reduce the failure rate and maintenance cost.

Second, considering the local climate circumstances, we use solar street lights with gel battery buried under the ground that are least affected by ambient temperature, which ensures that our solar street lights can work stably under the high temperature circumstances.

Third, we can provide the accurate illuminance simulation report and help customers choose the optimal solutions according to customers' requirements, which satisfies their requirements and minimize the parameter configuration of the system so that customers cost can be reduced.

By virtue of our cutting-edge technology and qualified products, INLUX SOLAR has become the internationally renowned solar street light brand and long-term collaboration supplier of the United Nations and multinational government projects.

We, INLUX SOLAR, are always committed to providing optimal services and products for you!


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