Success Stories II: United Nations Trustworthy brand Inlux Solar & People in Urabi

Success Stories II: United Nations Trustworthy brand Inlux Solar & People in Urabi

Jun-22 2022

By virtue of great reputation, Inlux Solar is always a solar street light brand which is trusted by the United Nations. In the past few years, we have collaborated with UN uncountable times to provide solar street lights for the areas with poor infrastructure, bringing great convenience and benefits to the local people. United Nations Development Program (UNDP) decided to collaborate with Inlux Solar to improve the life quality of local people in Ubari, and the whole collaboration process went successfully.

Off Grid Solar Power System

Inlux Solar has provided over 2,500 sets of solar street lights, some of which were installed alongside the streets in Ubari by UNDP. Thanks to Inlux Solar premium products, it enables the local merchants to work till the night,  boosting the local economy. What's more, it also safeguards the local women security that they can go out at nights. The Director of Social Affairs Office Bata Shaghoul highly recognized and praised Inlux Solar.

Off Grid System

After many successful collaborations, Inlux Solar has gained more and more great reputation, which makes us become the first choice of UN. Inlux Solar not only brings premium products for you, but also is committed to bringing well-being to people around the world.

We, Inlux Solar, are always committed to bringing premium products and services for you!


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