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INLUXSOLAR, a technology-driven manufacturing enterprise, is recognized as a national "High-tech Enterprise" with a robust research and development capability. Our R&D team consists of highly educated engineers with over 10 years of experience in the solar and lighting industries, showcasing extensive technical expertise and exceptional problem-solving abilities. We allocate a minimum of 10% of our annual profits towards research and development, while maintaining close collaborations with various universities, research institutions, and supplier companies. This strategic partnership greatly enhances our research capabilities, technological innovations, and accelerates the pace of development. To date, we have accumulated over 60 patent certificates and 300 product certifications, earning a strong reputation and influence in the field of technology.

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Director of Research and Development

Our mission is to integrate cutting-edge technologies in the solar and lighting industries with the latest market demands. We strive to develop new technologies and products that offer our customers superior technical solutions. If you have any projects with customized product design requirements, please contact us.

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We Cooperate With Them on R&D
We Cooperate With Them on R&D

1.Shanghai_Jiao_Tong_University.png Shanghai Jiao Tong University

2.Yangzhou_University.png Yangzhou University

3.yangzhou_vocational_college_of_environment_and_resources.png Yangzhou Vocational College of Environment and Resources

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  • SGS

  • TUVnord

  • Tianxiang

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