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150 watts solar light
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LORA Smart Solar Street Light (30W-150W)

Based on Zigbee/LORA/2G/4G technology, INLUX SOLAR's IoT Smart Solar Street Light enables real-time monitor of each solar street light, record of historical data, change of working parameters on PC, PAD and MOBILE, which facilitates later maintenance tremendously.

Working Diagram
Monitoring Components
Online Monitoring Platform

Working Diagram

LORA Smart Solar Street Light (30W-150W) Working Diagram


LORA Smart Solar Street Light (30W-150W) Functions


- Cloud based architecture supports high concurrent data access

- Distributed deployment structure enables expansion of the system capacity as you need

- Seamless integration with third-party system, such as smart city system

- Multiple security strategies ensures software safety and stable operation

- Multiple Mobile Device Access


Lamp Power


Communication ModeLoRa
Luminous Efficiency


LiFePO4 Lithium Battery Capacity


Solar Controller Capacity

10A /15A /20A (Customizable)

Solar Panel Capacity


Pole Height

2 – 15 meters  (Customizable)

System Life Span

>10 years

Protection Levels

IP66 / IK09


3 – 5 years

Monitoring Components

Each smart LoRa solar street light is equipped with one Wireless Collector, which connects with the smart controller, and the Wireless Collector will communicate between each solar street light with the Gateway by free LoRa signals.

One smart LoRa solar street light group is equipped with one Gateway; one Gateway can cover an area of 1.5 km to 3 km in diameter and connect 1000pcs lamps maximum. Each Gateway is inserted with one SIM card, which connects the Gateway to the internet so that we can track and monitor the working mode of each solar street light from the internet software platform.

LORA Smart Solar Street Light (30W-150W) Monitoring Components

LORA Smart Solar Street Light (30W-150W) Monitoring Components

Online Monitoring Platform

A dedicated account will be provided to each client so that you can manage all your smart solar street light projects. We will also give you usage training on the online monitoring platform and timely online service support and strictly keep all project data confidential. We will not disclose any information leakage to third parties.

LORA Smart Solar Street Light (30W-150W) Online Monitoring Platform


Our experienced professional sales engineers wil assist you with solar street light price quotations and technical proposals according to your specific project requirements.

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