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SIRIUS D All-In-One Solar Street Light (30W-60W-90W)

  1. Energy Efficiency: As a solar-powered light, the SIRIUS D All-In-One Solar Street Light harnesses the power of the sun, reducing reliance on traditional energy sources and saving on electricity costs.

  2. High Brightness: With a power range from 30W to 120W, this light can provide high-intensity illumination, making it suitable for lighting up large outdoor areas such as streets, parks, and parking lots.

  3. All-In-One Design: The all-in-one design means that the solar panel, battery, and light are all housed in one unit, making it compact and easy to install. This design also reduces the risk of theft.

  4. Popular Power: 40W / 60W / 80W

Smart Lighting Mode
Interior Structure




Lamp Lumen Power











Mono Solar  Panel Capacity


LiFePO4 Lithium Battery Capacity


Solar Controller (PWM/MPPT)

Smart Lighting Mode
12-14 hours lighting per night (customizable)
Rainy Days Backup>3 days

Product Dimension(mm)

Protection LevelsIP66 / IK08
Working Temperature-20 - 65℃

Suggested Pole Mounting Height

5 - 6 Meters

7 - 8 Meters

System Life Span> 10 years
Warranty3-5 years
Motion SensorOptional

IoT Smart Control System

CCTV CameraOptional

Smart Lighting Mode

Smart Lighting Mode of GALAXY All-In-One Solar Street Light (40W-60W-80W)

Interior Structure



Innovative dual lamp design

SIRIUS-D series adopts innovative design of dual lighting source, which is especially suitable for two-way street.


40% More Solar Power

Problem : The solar panel and LED light are integrated into the all-in-one solar light. In many application scenarios, the solar panel has to be tilted to the north to ensure the LED light can illuminate the road,producing a much-reduced amount of solar power. Especially in the middle and high latitudes (Areas above 30° north and south latitudes). In winter, the inclination angle of sunlight will decrease, and the amount of solar power the solar panel can receive will become less. In addition, the sunshine time in winter gets shorter. At this time, many all-in-one solar lights with solar panels tilted to the north can't get fully charged, the lighting time at night will be significantly shortened, or even the lights won't turn on at all.

Solution : The LED light of SIRIUS-A series All-In-One Solar Lights can be adjusted in the vertical direction, which can illuminate the road while allowing the solar panels to face south (in the south hemisphere, it should face north). Compared with traditional all-in-one solar lights, the SIRIUS-A series can generate 40% more solar power, which ensures the SIRIUS-A can work in good condition even in winter.


Notes: how to achieve optimal angle between solar panel and lighting source. 

A: Set solar panel to south (in south hemisphere, it should face north)

B: Adjust lighting source vertically according to direction of roads


Covering Wider Road

In many application scenarios, solar lights must illuminate vast roads or be installed far away from the road. If the LED light of the all-in-one solar light cannot adjust the angle, it can't illuminate the entire route. The SIRIUS-A series all-in-one solar light can vertically adjust the LED light angle to illuminate a wider road.



Our experienced professional sales engineers wil assist you with solar street light price quotations and technical proposals according to your specific project requirements.

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