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Road Signs

Introducing the Traffic Sign – a fundamental element of road communication and safety. These signs convey essential information to drivers and pedestrians, guiding them about speed limits, directions, hazards, and regulations. With clear and standardized symbols, traffic signs enhance road awareness, reduce accidents, and promote orderly traffic flow. From stop signs to warning signs, these visual cues play a crucial role in creating safer road environments for everyone.



Traffic signs are facilities used to convey information to road users through colors, shapes, characters, graphics, etc., and are essential for traffic management. Traffic signs should be set up in accordance with the road and traffic conditions. By providing accurate and timely information and guidance, traffic signs enable road users to reach their destinations smoothly and quickly, promoting traffic flow and ensuring safety.

Material composition:

1. Aluminum plate: Made of aluminum, it possesses excellent flexibility, strong weather resistance, aesthetic appeal, durability, resistance to deformation, corrosion resistance, rust resistance, and can withstand various adverse weather conditions and environmental impacts.

2. Reflective film: Applied with ultra-grade reflective film, the film exhibits vibrant colors, prominent visibility, stability, uniform brightness, UV resistance, and a lifespan exceeding 10 years. It plays a vital role in guiding drivers at night.

3. Groove (aluminum groove): The back of the aluminum plate is equipped with grooves, which facilitate simple and convenient installation, ensuring stability and strong wind resistance after installation.


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