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10KW/30KWH Off-Grid Battery Energy Storage System

The solar power system consists of PV modules, battery, hybrid inverter, grid/generator, and home appliances. The PV modules and grid/generator charge the battery and power the appli-ances directly via the inverter. The battery provides power to appliances when solar/grid is unavailable, enabling uninterrupted electricity supply.

SmartEss App
Optional Parts



Battery Pack


The 5kWh Battery Pack delivers safe, reliable and efficient energy storage for homes and small businesses. With flexible floor or wall mounting options and capacity expansion capabilities, this economically designed battery system provides customizable power solutions to suit your needs. The pack ensures uninterrupted electricity supply during outages and optimizes solar energy usage, making it an ideal choice for residential and light commercial applications requiring a high-quality, affordable energy storage system.

Battery Pack Characteristics

  • Scalability: Expandable from 5.12 kWh to 60 kWh.

  • Wide Working Temperature: Range of -20~ 50°C.

  • Various Installation Options: Floor-standing, wall-mounted and stack.

  • Intelligent Management: Smart BMS system to optimize the performance.

  • Larger Capacity Module: 5.12kWh per unit.

  • High Safety: Cell level monitoring and balancing.

  • Wide Compatibility: Matching with leading inverter brand.

  • Depth of Discharge: >6.000 Cycles at 90% DOD.


Battery Pack Bracket

The Battery Pack Bracket is an innovative and user-friendly solution designed to securely mount battery packs in various applications. With its convenient installation design, it saves time and effort during the assembly process. The bracket's modular design allows for quick and hassle-free assembly, accommodating different sizes and configurations of battery packs, providing flexibility in installation.

Constructed with high-quality materials, the bracket ensures durability and reliability. It offers excellent stability and support, keeping the battery pack securely in place during both operation and transportation.

Choose the Battery Pack Bracket for its easy installation, durability, and reliable performance, making it an ideal choice for securely mounting battery packs in a wide range of applications.


Hybrid Inverter


The Hybrid Inverter combines solar and battery inverters into a single unit. It optimizes energy efficiency and enables seamless integration of solar power and battery storage in hybrid energy systems. With intelligent control, it prioritizes solar power and switches to battery power during high demand or grid outages, ensuring continuous supply and reducing reliance on the grid. The Hybrid Inverter offers flexibility, efficiency, and resilience for maximizing the benefits of solar energy and energy storage.

Hybrid Inverter Characteristics

  • Efficiency: Advanced MPPT with up to 99.9% efficiency; Multiple charge and discharge modes are available.

  • Safety360 degrees of security from hardware to software; With IEC, SAA, cETL, FCC certification.

  • All in oneSupport for many types of batteries; Supports LiHion battery BMS communication.

  • ReliableOutputs high-quality pure sine wave AC power; Reliable output for long periods at rated power.

  • User-FriendlyIndustrial design with a modern aesthetic look; Easy to install and simple to use.

  • IntelligentExclusive Li-ion battery BMS dual activation; Support for remote monitoring of operating parameters.


1Solar panel560W18Pcsconnection method:
9strings x2 parallels
2BatteryLFP 5.12KWH6Pcs6pcs in parallel
3Hybrid Inverter10KW1Set1. AC Input & AC Output Voltage: 220VAC.50/60Hz
2. Support grid/Diesel Input.
3. Pure sine wave.
4. LCD display, Intelligent Fan.
5. Max PV Input Voltage: 500V.
6. Max PV Input Power: 11KW.
4PV Combiner BoxBR 2-21Pc2 inputs, 2output
6Panel BracketHot-dip Zinc1SetC-shaped Steel Bracket
7Electric Combiner Box
8PV Cables4mm²1SetSolar Panel to PV Combiner Box
9BVR Cables10mm²1SetPV Combiner Box to Inverter
10BVR Cables70mm²&25mm²1SetInverter to Electric Combiner Box
11BVR Cables70mm²1SetElectric Combiner Box to Battery

SmartEss App: Monitor Your Energy Storage System from Anywhere

Stay Connected Anywhere with the SmartEss Monitoring App

Monitor and acquire real-time data of your new energy system effortlessly on your ios or Android device. Download the SmartEss monitoring app and connect to your energy system to access key information at a glance. Stay informed and in control with instant visibility into your system's data, empowering you to make smarter energy decisions. 

1. Instantly visualize energy flow with a real-time diagram, displaying PV panel power generation, grid input power, inverter output load power, and more.

2. Analyze load power and grid power with data charts, showcasing parameter records in different time periods through a bar chart.

3. Access real-time data details, including battery voltage, battery temperature, charging current, and more, for a comprehensive view of your system's current status.

SmartEss App: Monitor Your Energy Storage System from Anywhere

Optional Parts


Solar Panels

  1. Perc/Bifacial/HJT solar panels are available.

  2. 25 years warranty.

  3. Highest quality with full certificates.

  4. Excellent mechanical load resistance.

  5. PID Resistant, High salt and ammonia resistance.


Solar System Accessories

  1. Pin diameter: 4mm.

  2. Degree of protection: IP67.

  3. Max system voltage: 1000V.

  4. Rated current: 30A (4m³/6m³).

  5. Excellent resistance to U.V, oil, greases, oxygen and ozone.

  6. Excellent flexibility and stripping.

  7. High voltage and current carrying capacity.

  8. IP 65 degree lightning protection.


The following figure shows a system application scenario for the product. A complete system consists of the following parts:

1. PV module: Convert light energy into DC power, and charge the battery through the Hybrid Inverter, or invert into AC power to drive the load directly.

2. Grid or Generator: Connected at the AC input, to power the load while charging the battery. If the Grid or generator is not connected, the system can also operate normally, and the load is powered by the battery and PV module.

3. Battery: Provided to ensure normal power supply to the system loads when solar energy is insufficient and the Grid or Generator is not connected.

4. Home Appliances: Allow connection of various household and office loads, including refrigerators, lamps, TVs, fans and air conditioners.

5. Hybrid Inverter : The energy conversion unit of the whole system. Specific system wiring method depends on the actual application scenario.

Installation of 10KW/30KWH Off-Grid Battery Energy Storage System

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