Solar Powered Initiative Illuminates Libya's Municipalities

Solar Powered Initiative Illuminates Libya's Municipalities

May-13 2024

In a collaborative effort between our esteemed client and the General Electricity Company, along with the Primary International Relief Organization, a groundbreaking solar road lighting project has been successfully completed in Libya. This initiative, comprising 92 poles equipped with cutting-edge INL-LED-08 model solar lights, aims to enhance public lighting infrastructure within the municipalities of Kufra and Rabianah.

Funded by the European Union through the Baladiyati project, this endeavor signifies a significant stride towards sustainable development and community welfare in Libya.


Key Highlights:


Project Scope: The installation of 92 solar light poles stands as a testament to the commitment towards modernizing infrastructure and improving public services in Libya.


Collaborative Effort: This initiative underscores the power of collaboration, bringing together the expertise and resources of our client, the General Electricity Company, and the Primary International Relief Organization.


Solar-Powered Efficiency: The utilization of solar energy not only reduces dependency on conventional energy sources but also ensures uninterrupted lighting, even in remote areas with limited access to electricity grids.

Enhanced Brightness: The INL-LED-08 model demonstrates exceptional brightness, significantly improving visibility and safety for pedestrians and motorists alike, particularly during nighttime hours.


We anticipate further opportunities to collaborate on similar projects aimed at advancing sustainable development goals and meeting the evolving needs of Libyan communities. Your inquiries and partnership are instrumental in driving such impactful initiatives forward.


For further details or project inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us. Together, let us continue to illuminate the path towards a brighter and more prosperous future for Libya.

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