Does my solar streetlight need to be fitted with a motion detector?

Fonroche off-grid streetlights aren’t fitted with motion detectors. Constantly switching on and off the LED light unit significantly reduces the battery’s service lifespan and makes it hard to predict energy consumption accurately. What's more, the detection range of motion detectors is limited (typically between 3 and 12 metres, whereas the distance between streetlights along a road is about 25 metres. So regular sections of road or pavement would still be in the dark!).
The brilliance of Fonroche solutions lies in our ability to anticipate actual lighting requirements, which are specified by our design teams as part of the photometric and solar surveys they conduct for each project. This right-sizing ensures guaranteed stability of the system and an optimal level of lighting power. For these reasons, motion detectors, with their inherent lack of stability (switching on and off randomly, causing light pollution, etc.) really aren’t compatible with Fonroche solar lighting technology.
At Fonroche, delivering powerful, dependable lighting 365 nights a year is our top priority as we constantly seek to meet market requirements. That is why we can be an industry leader today!

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