How much does an off-grid solar streetlight cost?

A solar streetlight costs about 10 to 20% more than a conventional streetlight. That’s because, unlike their grid-connected counterparts, our solar street lights incorporate a host of smart technologies, including a smart energy management system, which is fully programmable for powerful off-grid illumination.
Over time, solar solutions are proven to be much more cost-efficient than grid-connected lighting. Installation of a PV streetlight doesn’t require any major work, such as groundwork, trenches, cable laying or electrical cabinets. Our solutions don’t need any maintenance for the first 10 years. What’s more, by choosing streetlights running on green energy, there’s no more electricity bills. Together, these savings make solar street lights much more competitive than the conventional ones, grid-tied counterparts. Today, the return on investment is quite immediate on some projects and others.

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