In-House Training

In-House Training

Jul-23 2022

At the regular INLUX SOLAR in-house training this week, the leaders of the company's customer service and sales departments have learned effective communication skills. As the scale of the company becomes larger and larger, the communication cost between internal departments becomes higher and higher. On the one hand, we need to communicate in a timely and accurate manner to ensure the smooth operation of the whole company's business, accurately convey the needs of customers' orders to all departments, and timely find problems.

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On the other hand, we also need efficient communication to ensure that the whole company's business can operate efficiently. On the premise of guaranteeing the product quality, we will deliver our products to customers at the fastest speed. The learning atmosphere of the whole training was particularly good. We discussed some of the problems we are facing, and put forward many practical plans and suggestions on how to optimize the communication between our departments. Generally speaking, this internal learning has been particularly successful.

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