Senegalese delegation visits

Senegalese delegation visits

May-30 2024

On a sunny day on May 30, 2024, INLUX SOLAR's factory welcomed distinguished guests from Senegal. This visit was not only an in-depth factory visit but also a grand event for business negotiations, marking the further deepening of the cooperative relationship between the two parties.

During this day's itinerary, the Senegalese delegation inspected INLUX SOLAR's solar street lighting, solar panel, lighting pole, and lithium battery pack production lines. They spoke highly of our precise production process, strict quality control system, and the professional skills of our employees. The delegation appreciated our focus and responsibility in the production process, showed great interest in our products' performance and application prospects, and carefully recorded their critical features.


After the visit, INLUX SOLAR engaged in a comprehensive discussion with the Senegalese delegation. We provided a detailed introduction to our company's latest products and technologies. The delegation expressed their high satisfaction with the performance of our solar street lights in their previous projects, and their eagerness for future cooperation was palpable.

The Senegalese delegation said that they were deeply impressed by the product quality and technical strength of INLUX SOLAR, and they look forward to strengthening cooperation with us to explore broader market opportunities jointly.

INLUX SOLAR warmly welcomes the visit of our Senegalese customers. We are committed to establishing a closer partnership through this visit and promise to consistently deliver high-quality products and services that meet the needs of the Senegalese market.

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