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INLUXSOL AR has 16 production engineers, over 150 frontline production workers, and a production area of 28,000 square meters. It can produce over 100,000 sets of solar products annually. The production and operations are organized using efficient modular production methods. The company has workshops for lighting fixtures, solar system assembly, energy storage batteries, photovoltaic modules, and lamp posts. It is one of the few solar product companies that can independently design and produce major core components.

Over 95% of the company's products are exported to overseas markets. We have established an independent quality management department to ensure that all defective products are identified on the production line and minimize

maintenance requirements for overseas customers. This department is responsible for quality monitoring and inspection activities throughout the entire process, including the inspection of raw materials upon arrival, production process monitoring, and final product inspection. We have also implemented a system of critical responsibilities for quality and safety, strictly implementing quality standards and assessment systems for all positions within the company.

With a comprehensive production and quality inspection system, the company has obtained ISO series certifications. Today, INLUXSOL AR has become synonymous with high-quality products in the industry.

Management System Certifications
Management System Certifications
Key Figures

Production engineers


Production workers

28000+ ㎡



Pcs solar devices/year

Production Manager's
Production Manager's
We make sure to stay on top of every production step, conducting quality checks at each turn, all to whip up top-notch products as swiftly as possible, in line with the specific production requirements of each order.
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Higher Quality Standard

INLUXSOLAR's product quality standards far exceed industry averages, especially as we commit to never using recycled or second-hand batteries in any of our products.

Top Quality Components from World's famous brands

We source our materials and components from top-tier international suppliers, including leading brands like PHILLIPS for LED chips, Trina, Longi, and JA Solar for solar cells, CATL, BYD, and Ganfeng for lithium battery cells, and GOODWE, Deye, and Growatt for inverters.

Fast Production

In order to meet urgent orders, we maintain ample stock of raw materials and components required for regular orders. We also operate on a two-shift system, enabling us to deliver orders of up to 200 sets within 7 days. For rush samples, we can provide delivery within 24 hours.

Strict Quality Control

At INLUXSOLAR, our quality control standards surpass industry averages. Each product's production is guided by specific work instructions, with every production step adhering to these guidelines. Moreover, we rigorously inspect raw materials, semi-finished products, and finished goods to ensure that we deliver the most stable and reliable products to our customers.

1% Product Failure Rate Within 5 Years of Operation

INLUXSOLAR offers a 5-year product warranty, and based on extensive market feedback regarding product failures over the years, our product failure rate within a 5-year timeframe is consistently below 1%. This performance significantly outperforms industry average standards.

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