Professional SGS Inspection Before Portable Solar Power System Delivery

Professional SGS Inspection Before Portable Solar Power System Delivery

Oct-20 2022

As well-known solar street light brand, Inlux Solar has always been providing services for our customers from different fields. We are not only the UN trustworthy brand,  but also the first choice of some governmental institutions. Recently, Moroccan military contacted us that they wanted to order hundreds of sets of portable solar power system.

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As a military organization, Moroccan military is extremely strict with our porducts that they did an SGS inspection, which is a world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification institution, a globally recognized benchmark for quality and integrity. The SGS  tested each component that they not only tested the parameters, package, and quantity of each componet, but also the continuous working time of the system, the number of rainy days and various parameters. After various strict procedures, Inlux Solar passed all inspections and tests without doubts.

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For this project, products of Inlux Solar gained recognization and praises from Moroccan military and they said they will build long-term collaboration with Inlux Solar. At the same time, we received more and more products, and we believed that as long as we try our best to produce premium products, we will gain reputations and with these we will win more friends and customers.

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