Benchmarking Project for Highway

Benchmarking Project for Highway

Nov-18 2020

Compared to electrical lighting, solar street light is superior in many ways, which has been widely applied to pathways, streets. However, places requiring high power illumination, like highway and etc., have rarely seen solar street lights.

In the strength of super-bright LED technology, durable LiFePO4 battery and more efficient solar panel, INLUX SOLAR wins over other manufacturers in terms of solar projects demanding high power and high brightness. Up until now, we have conducted hundreds of such projects.

In November, we have installed several hundred sets of All-In-Two Solar Street Lights on highways in Selangor State, Malaysia. With the features of easy installation and terrific illumination effects, Selangor State government gave this project high remarks and is planning to promote our solar street light on more projects.

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