Limit Challenge II: Solar Street Lights Were Loaded into 6 High Containers Within 2 Days

Limit Challenge II: Solar Street Lights Were Loaded into 6 High Containers Within 2 Days

Jun-30 2022

On the early March, the pandemic rebounded again. Shanghai, as China's economic, trade, and shipping center, was seriously affected, causing ports  congested. Because Inlux Solar is located quite close to Shanghai, we were also severely affected, a solar street light project in Middle East being delayed. For this, we were so anxious that we were always seeking for solutions to deliver our products.

Smart Solar Street Light

The end of pandemic finally comes, we hurried to order the container, but on account of the pandemic, it was hard to order one, let alone 6 containers. To deliver our products in the shortest time, our engineers and managers had been in touch with all parties to find a solution. In such case, we eventually overcame the difficulties and ordered 6 high containers. But the time left for us was insufficient, we needed to load our products into 6 containers within 2 days. After the last successful challenge of loading 4 40-foot high containers in 8 hours, we were fearless to accept the challenge that we decided to load all products into 6 containers within 2 days.

Road Smart Solar Street Light

To face the challenge, we prepared all customs declaration files in advance, and separated dangerous goods and non-dangerous goods to declare customs in order to strictly obey each shipping process. What's more, we precisely calculated cost time of each link to deliver products in time. On the early morning of May 28, Inlux Solar workers started to load products into containers, and till the late dark night, we finished 3 containers loading. Next day, we successfully loaded another 3 containers and sent products to ports by shipment due date.

Intelligent Solar Street Light

Under the influence of the pandemic, all parts of the world are deeply affected. To fight against the pandemic, Inlux Solar is striving and doing our best.

Solar Smart Street Light

INLUX SOLAR is always committed to providing you with the premium products and one-stop service to ensure that your project make a success and is worthy of your trust!

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