Why the solar street light doesn't work?

If it is a newly installed solar street light, the light working time at night is short. It is common because the battery is only about 60 percent charged before leaving the factory for the sake of transport safety. Generally 2-3 days after installation, the working time of solar street lights will return to normal.
If the newly installed solar street lights are not on all night, please check whether the wiring is connected correctly.
If the solar street light has been working normally but the lighting time is suddenly shortened in a few nights, it may be caused by insufficient sunshine and as a result, the power generation of the solar panel is not enough to support the street light to work all night. After the weather gets better, the lighting time of the solar street lamp will return to normal.
If the solar street light does not work all night, the first is to check the indicator status of the solar controller and then contact the INLUXSOLAR sales engineer to further diagnose the specific problem according to the indicator status.

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