April's First Container of Solar Street Lighting Had Been Loaded

April's First Container of Solar Street Lighting Had Been Loaded

Apr-03 2022

Recently, COVID-19 had bounced back inside the Chinese mainland. To fight against the epidemic, many provinces and cities blocked the city and road. Shanghai, as one of the most important shipping ports, had been affected heavily. Therefore, we suggested that our customers ship products from Yangzhou Port, then on the barge via sea, and last transfer them to big ship once products arrive in Shanghai. This efficiently prevented the risk of road blocking. To ensure the due date of customers' product installation, our production workshop personnel worked overtime and eventually we loaded before traditional Ching Ming Festival ahead of time.

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At 1pm, the container arrived at the factory. We strictly followed the requirements of dangerous products packing. At 3pm, the container was successfully loaded. At 3.30pm, the container departed from our factory and went straight to Yangzhou Port. At night, the container was successfully loaded on the barge and driven to Shanghai Port.

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