INLUX SOLAR Overcame the Difficulties Brought by COVID-19 and Successfully Loaded Products into Container on Time

INLUX SOLAR Overcame the Difficulties Brought by COVID-19 and Successfully Loaded Products into Container on Time

Mar-31 2022

COVID-19 had been getting worse since the end of March, 2022. On the early morning of March 28, the closed management was implemented in Pudong Area of Shanghai that all the people had to stay at home, and all the people and vehicles could not leave Shanghai once entered. Even the nearby cities like Yangzhou, also strictly restricted the entry of vehicles from Shanghai. On March 31, we had a high container to Kenya to be sent to Shanghai Port (one of our main shipping ports). At this time, how to ship the container in Shanghai Port to the factory and how to return the container to the port after the container was loaded had been great challengers for us.

To solve these issues, we contacted the district government personnel to get to know the related regulations and the materials we should provide to apply for the special pass. After that, on the morning of March 30, we took the related materials to the district government office to apply for a temporary pass. Early in the morning, the district government office was already crowded with hundreds of personnel from different enterprises who were waiting to submit applications for temporary passes. IINLUX SOLAR, as a A-class company and a great taxpayer, was privileged to get the pass.

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On the early morning of March 31, we drove to the highway intersection and waited for the arrival of the container driver. But on account of the congestion in the port and highway, the driver didn't arrive at the exit of Gaoyou highway until 9 pm. It had been 10.30 pm when the container truck arrived the factory after the driver was registered, showed the temporary pass, and had a quick nucleic acid test. Our workers were so dedicated that they had made full preparations and stood in a line in the freezing cold wind to load products into the container. Finally, at 11.30 pm, we successfully loaded products into the container and sent our driver to the highway.

Beside INLUX SOLAR, our Kenya customer had another two suppliers. Due to the epidemic, these two put off the date of loading date. However, INLUX SOLAR overcame all the difficulties and tried our best to fulfill customers' promises. INLUX SOLAR was highly appreciated for that we could load products into the container on time and our customer said that they would long-time purchase our solar street lights.

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INLUX SOLAR is always committed to providing best services for our customers!

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