Highway Lighting

The highways lighting solution requires considering the following factors

High lighting brightness: highways are mainly for vehicles, cars pass all day and night on the road. High lighting brightness is required to ensure that the driver can clearly identify the road conditions and vehicles ahead.

Large coverage area: the width of the highway road is generally 8-15meters, the area that needs to be illuminated on the road is large, so the installation height of the lamps and the lighting range should be large.

Good uniformity of light: higher lighting uniformity is required to prevent vehicles from suddenly entering dark areas of lighting during high-speed driving, affecting driving safety; and to prevent drivers from visual fatigue caused by long-term driving and causing traffic accidents.

All night lighting: The cars pass all day and night at high speed on the highways, therefore lighting is required throughout the night.

Security lighting: in areas with special road conditions such as curves on highways, lighting or prompts are needed to ensure traffic safety.

The following are the international lighting standards for Highway Lighting:

Highway Lighting Standard Recommended Values《JTJ001- 97》
Lighting AreaBrightnessAverage IlluminationGlare G
Special PartsRoad SectionHigh Speed Level 11.5~20.30.720~305
IntersectionMain Road 20.50.7Main Road 306
Ramp 10.50.7Ramp 156
Grade Intersection1.5~20.30.620~305
Extra Large Bridge1.5~3.50.5~0.70.715~505
Toll Plaza2~50.40.620~505
Related PlacesService Area0.5~
Conservation Area0.5~
PARKING LOT1~20.30.515~305

Photometric Analysis

Area lighting: Many highways cannot be illuminated for the entire section due to budget and other reasons. Therefore, lighting equipment can be installed in important areas such as highway exits, curves, steep slopes, etc. according to terrain characteristics.

Light pole spacing, lighting layout and light distribution plan: The spacing of light poles, lighting methods and light distribution schemes should be reasonably planned according to the actual conditions of the road, lighting needs and financial budget to ensure the lighting effect of the road. There are mainly the following lighting methods and light distribution schemes.distribution schemes.

Lights Arrangement Types


Recommended Lighting Distributions


Solar highway street lighting solution

Most highways run between cities and require long cables to be connected to the city electricity grid to power lighting fixtures. Solar highway street lighting does not need to lay long cables and is completely powered by solar energy, which greatly reduces construction costs and time.

INLUX SOLAR Recommend the following Solar Street Light models for highway lighting solution:


At the same time, in order to facilitate the maintenance of Solar Lighting, we provide the IoT smart monitoring system solution


AC LED Highway Lighting Solution

In addition to solar highway street lighting solution, we also provide the following traditional mains driven LED Street lights for Highway Lighting Solution.

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