Park Lighting

In the park, it is mainly used to illuminate the landscape and people on the pathway, so small range of illumination is required and the uniformity of the light source is not strict. But customers often have higher requirements on the appearance of lamps and lanterns.


Recommended Configurations

Road Width

LED Lamp Power

Pole Height

3 Meters


2 Meters

4 Meters


3 Meters

5 Meters


4 Meters

6 Meters


5 Meters

Working Mode Options

Mode 1 : Work at full brightness all night.

working mode options

Mode 2 : Work at full bightness before midnight, work in dimming mode after midnight.

working mode options2

Mode 3 : Add a MOTION SENSOR, the light is 100% on when there is a car passing by, work in dimming mode when there is no car passing by.

working mode options3

From the perspective of cost, Model 1 > Model 2> Model 3

Recommended Lighting Distributions

recommended lighting distributions

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