High-Quality Products Help the Client Win

High-Quality Products Help the Client Win

Oct-18 2022

One of our South Asian clients took our solar street light sample to participate in a bidding project of the local government, and sent our solar street light sample to a third-party laboratory for two-week rigorous performance tests. Finally all the test results such as luminous flux, luminous efficiency, working hours of the system, etc. fully met the government's requirements. And the client successfully won the bid and is particularly satisfied with our products.

Concentrated Solar Power System

The customer said that he has been in the business of solar street lights for more than 10 years, and has purchased solar street lights from many Chinese suppliers. The actual test results of most solar street lights are far below the stated parameters. INLUX SOLAR is the only one whose sample passed the first test and all his stated parameters are real. He is very happy and hopes to cooperate with INLUX SOLAR for a long time.

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