Strictly Complying to Regulations: Inlux Solar Applied Dangerous Goods Declaration for Products

Strictly Complying to Regulations: Inlux Solar Applied Dangerous Goods Declaration for Products

Oct-11 2022

Inlux Solar masters reliable&durable lithium battery system. Some of our products we delivered contain lithium battery units that belong to dangerous goods. In such scenario, to ensure the shipment safety, we assert declaration of dangerous goods for lithium battery units, aiming to safely deliver our goods to our customers.

Why should we distinguish dangerous goods and non-dangerous goods? Because dangerous goods have dangerous characteristics such as explosion, flammability, poisoning, infection, corrosion, and radioactivity. During transportation, storage, production, operation, use and disposal, it is easy to cause personal injury, property damage or environmental pollution, so special protection is required.

However, it is not easy to declare dangerous goods for export. Before the declaration, a lot of materials need to be prepared. Inlux Solar has always abide by the laws and regulations that we prepare many materials and spend a lot of time. After strict inspection, we successfully pass the declaration. To send our products to our customers in time, we prepare materials in advance and send them to Maritime Bureau for approval. Because dangerous package certificate has a short validity period, we need to precisely calculate the declaration cost time, to send our products to ports by the deadline of declaration materials.

INLUX SOLAR is always committed to providing you with the premium products and one-stop service to ensure that your project make a success and is worthy of your trust!

It's another golden autumn month. We welcome the national day with joy. There is no gorgeous rhetoric, but we have sincere thinking. Send a simple greeting. I wish you a happy National Day and everything is OK!

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