Limit Challenge: Solar Street Lights Were Loaded Into Four 40-Foot High Containers Within 8 Hours

Limit Challenge: Solar Street Lights Were Loaded Into Four 40-Foot High Containers Within 8 Hours

Jun-08 2022

The United Nations placed an order of 750 sets of solar street lights this January and the products need to be urgently shipped and installed. However, due to COVID-19, most ports in China are severely congested, causing many orders not to be shipped in time. Same as Inlux Solar, we were always contacting UN and trying our best to find solutions.

On the afternoon of May 12, we suddenly received a notice from the freight agent that we have successfully book the container. But there is only 8 hours left for products loading. The most difficult part is how to load 750 9-meter light poles, which are long and heavy, and need workers to lift them into the container one by one manually. Normally, it takes 4 hours to fill a 40-foot high container with solar street lights of this specification. And we need to consider uncertain factors such as whether the container can arrive on time, which makes the loading very challenging. However, considering the urgency of the project schedule, after communicating with the customer, we unanimously decided to meet the challenge.

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To save time of each link, we immediately contacted the freight agent and the fleet of containers, striving for the containers to arrive at our factory as soon as possible. Due to the pandemic prevention and control regulations, container drivers need a very strict and complicated process to enter our city. On the afternoon of December 12, the factory officials got the drivers' passes within the shortest time. We also arranged two groups of workers, two forklifts, and two containers to load solar street lights.

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At 4:30 a.m. on May 13th, workers of Inlux Solar were already busy in the factory, placing the products to be loaded today on the open space, waiting for the arrival of the loading driver. As soon as the container arrived at 5:30, workers of Inlux Solar started to load the containers in a hurry. Eventually, with all the INLUX SOLAR employees efforts, the last container left our factory on time at 1:23 pm, arrived at the port at 3:30 pm, successfully completed the customs declaration, and was loaded into ship at around 9 pm.

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The success of this loading not only depends on the overall cooperation and overall planning of Inlux Solar employees, but also thanks to the values of each employee that we put customer's interests in priority! In order to reward our hard-working employees, we not only give them overtime allowances, but also prepare beverage and snacks for them.

INLUX SOLAR is always committed to providing you with the premium products and one-stop service to ensure that your project make a success and is worthy of your trust!

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