Street & Road Lighting

The street and road lighting solution requires considering the following factors

High lighting brightness : Street and road not only for vehicles, but also for pedestrians and residents on both sides of the street for outdoor activities at night, so a sufficient amount of brightness is often required.

Medium coverage area : The road width is generally 6-8 meters.

High power lighting in the first half night : The traffic volume on streets and roads is the largest in the first half of the night, and residents have the most activities, so high-power lighting is required. After entering the second half of the night, the traffic flow and residents decrease, and the requirements for lighting brightness also decrease.

Beautiful lamp shape : Lamps are an important part of street and city scenery. It is not only related to the lighting effect, but also has a certain impact on the urban landscape and beautification degree. Choosing lamps with beautiful shapes and reasonable structures can increase the image and beauty of the city and improve the overall quality of the city.

Green lighting : As energy and environmental issues become increasingly serious, energy conservation and environmental protection have become an important consideration for street lighting. On the premise of meeting lighting needs, efficient and energy-saving led lighting equipment and solar lighting equipment should be selected as much as possible. At the same time, the lighting layout should be designed rationally to avoid energy waste caused by excessive lighting. Reduce environmental pollution.

The following are the international lighting standards for Street and Road Lighting:

Highway Lighting Standard Recommended Values《JTJ001- 97》
Lighting AreaBrightnessAverage IlluminationGlare G
Special PartsRoad SectionHigh Speed Level 11.5~20.30.720~305
IntersectionMain Road 20.50.7Main Road 306
Ramp 10.50.7Ramp 156
Grade Intersection1.5~20.30.620~305
Extra Large Bridge1.5~3.50.5~0.70.715~505
Toll Plaza2~50.40.620~505
Related PlacesService Area0.5~
Conservation Area0.5~
PARKING LOT1~20.30.515~305

Photometric Analysis

Street and Road Lighting first considers lighting layout. The lighting method and light distribution scheme should be reasonably planned based on the actual conditions of the road, lighting needs and financial budget, etc. to ensure the lighting effect of the road and try to ensure that there are no lighting blind spots. There are mainly the following lighting methods and light distribution schemes.

Lights Arrangement Types


Recommended Lighting Distributions


Solar street and road lighting solution:

In many developing and underdeveloped countries, the power supply is unstable or even non-existent. INLUX SOLAR provides solar lighting solutions for this. Solar street lights do not require power from the mains network and are simple to install and maintain. With the continuous updating of solar lighting technology and the use of high-quality accessories, the life of the system can reach more than ten years. It is currently the best street and road in areas where electricity is scarce. lighting solutions.

INLUX SOLAR recommends the following Solar Street Light models:





At the same time, in order to facilitate the maintenance of Solar Lighting, we provide the IoT smart monitoring system solution


AC LED Street and Road Lighting Solution

In addition to solar solution, we also provide traditional mains driven LED Street lighting solution

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