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30 watt solar street light
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Solar Lights for Rural Highway in Malaysia

Product Deployed:Polaris Series All-In-One Solar Street Light

Key Specifications:10M Lighting Pole/ 120W LED Light

Qty : 86 Sets

In Malaysia, there are few street lamps on the provincial highways which is very dangerous for drivers with high speed at night, especially in sharp turns. Because there is no lighting, traffic accidents often occur. INLUX TEAM assisted the customers in surveying the installation site, it is a two-lane highway, we chose the solution of a 10-meter Lighting pole with 120W All-in-one solar street lights. At the same time, we found that there were many tall trees along the highway. In order to achieve the highest power generation of the solar panel, the tall trees in the installation site were cleaned and pruned. After installation, the actual lighting effect was particularly good, which greatly improved the safety of local driving at night.


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