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THAILAND_Solar Street Lights in Open Warehouse

Product Deployed: JAGUAR Series All-In-Two Solar Street Light

Key Specifications: 8M Lighting Pole/ 100W LED Light

Qty: 62 Sets

Many open warehouses where are far away from the mains network need lighting, but it is not convenient to install municipal electrical street lights. In such scenario, it will be a fabulous solution to use solar street lights. Because solar street light is a stand alone off grid system, it can be installed wherever sunshine can cover. In a large open container warehouse in Thailand, our customers installed over 60 sets of INLUX SOLAR solar street lights, which solved their lighting issues. Solar street lights can totally work automatically that it will be on in darkness while off in brightness. Our customers measured the brightness of solar street lights that it reached 75.2 LUX, which exceeded customer requirements and achieved much satisfaction.


Our experienced professional sales engineers wil assist you with solar street light price quotations and technical proposals according to your specific project requirements.

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