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Solar Street Lights in Highway of KLANG Port

Product Deployed:JAGUAR Series All-In-Two Solar Street Light

Key Specifications:10M Lighting Pole/ 100W LED Light

Qty : 160 Sets

Highways play the role of connecting cities, but normally are far away from urban grid system, which makes it inconvenient to install traditional lights. In such scenario, high power solar street light of INLUX SOLAR is a perfect solar lighting solution for highways. In 2020, an intercity highway of KLANG, Malaysia decided to use solar street lights solution. This program was divided into two parts, one was installed with 186 sets solar street lights of INLUX SOLAR, the other was installed with that of other factories. After being successfully installed, compared to the other factory products, their lighting brightness and working time did not meet the expectations while INLUX SOLAR made it and successfully passed the inspection, which achieved high praises from the local government. In May, 2022, we returned a visit to our customers that they reported 186 sets of solar street lights were working normally without any problems. What's more, they said they were fortunate to use INLUX SOLAR solar street lights for this program and they would further more collaboration with us.


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