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Solar Lights for New Town Roads in Tanzania

Product Deployed:FALCON Series All-In-Two Solar Street Light

Key Specifications:7M Lighting Pole/ 50W LED Light

Qty : 122 sets

In 2021, 122 sets FALCON Series All-In-Two Solar Street Lights have been successfully installed on the newly completed New Town Road in Tanzania (government project). FALCON Series All-In-Two Solar street Light is equipped with top quality 5050 LED lamp chips, which has a long lifespan and a luminous efficiency of 180 lumens per watt, which greatly increases the brightness of the lamp ; besides , by adopting integration design concept, the size of other accessories is reduced, thereby reducing the cost and improving the cost performance and affinity of the product.

The local Tanzanian government has highly praised this project, and INLUX SOLAR has also won the trust of customers, and more orders will be placed in 2022.


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